On Purpose

sparrow does the math

A new equation to address an old problem.


4 fruits-veg/day
2 water bottles/day
15 min exercise/day
1 limit of white sugar-white flour/day

Sounds very simplistic, and easy. From experience, it’s not. But it might just help a simple sparrow start! This sparrow who desperately needs to operate under some success, soon.

And 4+2+15+1=22


Yep, 22. Now comes the best part of sparrow’s math lesson. Right in the songbook of the Bible in chapter 22 are these words, “But you, O Lord, do not be far from me; O my Strength, hasten to help me.”

A smart sparrow always knows where to turn. The Master Creator who has unlimited resources.

Enough resources to cover a chubby sparrow.


p.s. Sparrow reads too, if you care to share your #’s.

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