On Purpose

sparrow’s upside down

The thermometer reads 58. And I am not hanging upside down today. I’m snuggled under my favorite sparrow covering. Inside, where it is warm.

While I am not standing on my head, I am trying to fly in an upside down kingdom. You know the place? Jesus set it forth in his words written in red. Those phrases that seem contradictory but are profoundly true. Like…

Go down to go up
Let go to receive
Lose to find
Poor are rich 
Weak are strong

I think of all the energy I expend trying to fly right-side-up. Come to find out, I need to be flying upside down.

And before I go and practice more upside-downness, I’ll chirp one last thought that I found this past month. A thought most profound for this little sparrow. 

In light of eternity, most of what matters to us now will seem absolutely insignificant, and conversely, things that seem insignificant to us now will seem monumental when we stand before God.

Lord, help me get this right.

Now it’s time for homemade chicken vegetable soup chock full of vitamins and minerals that I made for mr. sparrow on this sweetest day.  Because mister is the very best and because I don’t know any other mister I’d rather hang (upside down) with.


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