On Purpose

gathering of goodness: a choice

There is a little “thinking game” the kids say that I’m famous for. If you could only…

Here we are two days shy of Thanksgiving. If you could only choose one food to line your Thanksgiving table, which would you choose?

     Mashed Potatoes?
     Cranberry Relish?
     Pumpkin Pie?

Although it is a tough decision, right now at this very minute I’d have to admit the pumpkin pie is calling my name. And not just any ole’ pumpkin pie. The pie we were raised on where Mom added the perfect blend of spices. (And please, please don’t hold back on the Reddi-whip topping!)

As we gather with families this week we begin to rehearse our blessings throughout the year. It has been a “good” year at our house. But even tucked away in our year of goodness there have been challenges. Challenges that come to all of us as part of living.

As we pause and gather the goodness, we have a choice. For in even…

the hard things
the unfair things
the sad things
and the bad things

we drop them carefully one by one into the basket. And somehow, in God’s unfathomable way, our gathering basket begins to overflow with great richness. Out of its bounty comes unbelievable peace and new perspectives.

And toting our gathering baskets we can tweet along with the Shepherd Boy David, While I live I will praise the Lord.”

A choice. Not always easy. And sometimes plain old hard to do. But oh- the pile of blessings await!

Sparrow will be enjoying her pumpkin pie with the Mayo side of the family at brother Mark’s on Thursday and then host the Deeks’ family on Saturday.

Sweet & flaky Thanksgiving blessings,

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