On Purpose

things not red & green

In keeping with…
     lists too long – words too many – songs too bright – stores too busy.

Here is my short list of all not red and green:

1) Two roast chickens just popped out of the oven. New recipe to encourage healthier eating. Will try a bite before I end this post and let you know. How many chicken recipes have you tried over the years?

2) Blue and brown in my mantelscape this year. I titled it, “Enchanted Forest.”

3) My Chalkboard:

The bottom line says, “Who will dethrone the three year reigning champs Danae & Geoffrey in our family tournament?

The sign is ready for Christmas Day when we play our competitive family tournament. After the noon meal. After the Bible Box Christmas Reading. After the White Elephant Fun Family Gift Exchange. And… after all that we end with Find the Pickle game for the kids with a Christmas buffet & goodies. Whew!

4) Verdict on chicken: on scale of 1-10 I give it a 9. I would serve it to company. I probably wouldn’t go back for seconds, but hey, it’s only chicken, not mashed potatoes!

5) To all my friends in Blogland. The most important and significant greeting:

Christmas Blessings – I bring you good tidings of great joy…A Savior has been born! (Luke 2)

~ ~ ~

I’m thinking Red and Green are feeling left out. I’ll end my post with their cheery greeting from my house to yours, Christmas 2010.

May your list be shorter, your words be well-chosen, your songs bring a quiet, and you get out of the stores!


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