On Purpose

a place for everything

Project this past week during snowstorm.

From this…

to this.

(Danae was our helper and is saving Scruffy from elimination!)

Part II on Guest House renovation begins. We are moving our master bedroom from upstairs to downstairs. The closet has to go. All the stuff had to either find a new home in our house or head out in boxes to Goodwill.

In the sorting through I found a garage sale purchase from last summer. A 50 cent antique-looking porcelain tray. I like the shape, size and color. I love the four little silver feet it sits on.

Make-up gets a make-over!

From this cluttered pile…

to this pretty display.

Mission accomplished.
1) I saved the elegant tray.
2) I gave my hard-working make-up a “lift.”

Cut in to another mission, less fun and a lot less easy. My healthy eating 12 goals for 2011. I made January’s goal five days early.

February’s goal?

Although there were days I soared, there were too many day-flights grounded.

A nice way to say Sparrow crashed.

Back to the title, A Place for Everything.

Even a place in life for missed goals. Something to do with adjusting perspective. Learning in failing. Keeping on.

I’m so glad today that God’s love is not dependent on my succeeding on Goal. Or on clean closets. Or on this or that or what or which.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.” (Jeremiah 31:3)   

Did you catch the period at the end of that verse? Nothing in all our to-do lists can earn us God’s love. So says the King of Kings. It’s all in the Bible.

Like many of you, to create order and beauty in my home, I have an ongoing quest for finding a place for everything. I also am on a lifelong quest to get everything in my life in its rightful place.

The first quest is optional. The second quest is high-priority important. 

Lacing up Sparrow’s 8.5 sneakers. Walking my way right into March. We’ve got a Goal to catch. Or not?

Chirp! Chirp! (will see)

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