On Purpose

if I may?

April showers . . . bring more showers? The calendar page has turned to May, leaving April behind with its record-breaking most rainy drippiness ever tracked in our area.

Enter sparrow with a bright yellow umbrella. (Every little sparrow likes a good puddle. The puddles have turned to ponds.) Keeping the rain galoshes handy.

If I may: Showers bring Flowers

These were the $5 flowers I picked up for our Bed & Breakfast guests in April. I didn’t want to double the price to get double the flowers. The photo doesn’t do the stems in the water justice. Who knew the color and shape of tulip stems were as beautiful as the flower?

If I may: Destuffanize

Or maybe it is destufficate, or destuffify? Either way, I tackled more stuff – my scarf drawer today and was able to let go of six scarves. For those who don’t see me often, I wear a scarf almost every day from fall to early spring. I have a LOT of scarves. Anyone have a great way to store them? When I design our new closet that is coming, I’d love to have a better system.

If I may: Friendship

This wasn’t much of a lunch, but it would be great fun to share the morsels with you. I imagine all our conversations. Sharing challenges, reviewing milestones, breaking into laughter, rehearsing the beauty of what God is doing in our lives. You are welcome to my lunch table anytime! I’ve welcomed old and new friends to our kitchen these past weeks.

If I may: Noble Yearnings

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”  ~ Helen Keller

I love it that God has created each one of us to live a life that overflows with rich purpose. May your adventures be noble, whether great or small.

For me, I’m workin’ on the small. And it’s so much fun!

If I may: Wish you a sunny month!


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