On Purpose


No Vacancy

All the rooms at our Bed & Breakfast were filled this past weekend. Since this was a first for us, here are a few reflections.

In no particular order. . . 

I love the 18 white towels I bought at Kohls. *Note to self – buy more hand towels. We ran out before the laundry could cycle.

My crockpot might become my new best friend. I borrowed my sister’s cookbook and found about twenty recipes. Since I don’t consider myself to be a great cook, it would help to expand my menus.

There are a lot of nice people in the world. We have made some wonderful new friends. We traveled to the Philippines without leaving our family room.

Coffee anyone? Coffee? Coffee? Coffee?

A heartbeat closer.

While I was dicing up veggies a recent conversation came to mind. In  discussing our B&B, a question was posed. “Since this is a ‘no-charge’ venture, isn’t this going to get kind of expensive for you guys?”

And then . . . I hear Dad’s words, “God keeps the books.” (Dad is now enjoying the glories of Heaven.) While making up the beds and readying for guests, I feel close to Dad. He was known for sharing what he had. And Mom is known for serving people well. Esteemed qualities for an Innkeeper. 

Spring into action.

A friend reminded me that it was only last summer that I was sharing the idea of running a B & B with our “empty nest upstairs.” I wonder if she didn’t secretly wonder if it was a 1) crazy idea  2) dud idea  or 3) never get off the ground idea.

A peek into my heart reveals 1), 2), and 3). If God can take a plain ole’ sparrow’s crazy idea, keep it from dudding out and bring it to reality – imagine what He can do for you. Or what He is already doing for you.

I’m not sure how many of you ever dreamed of being an Innkeeper.  But whatever season of life you’re in, I know that God wants to astonish you with something really incredible and fulfilling in your life. Dream a-little. Pray even bigger for God to use you. And then pay attention to that small stirring of hope and vision deep down inside.

We are all created in the image of God. With all my heart I believe our lives are meant to brim and overflow with creativity. In thousands of different ways.  


You are always welcome.

Thanks for stopping in to the Inn for a chat today.


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