On Purpose

silence is golden

My blog may have been silent. Life has not.

Hiya! It’s time for a momentary break. I invite you to pull up a perch and enjoy a quiet moment with me. (If you have your volume turned up on your computer you might catch some soft melodic strains.)


After three tries it is the paint color we chose for our new bedroom suite. And it does live up to its name. I debated about putting the picture up since it didn’t really photograph well. It is not a bit “minty” in color as it shows. The color doesn’t shout, it whispers “I’m a soft place to land.” We are getting anxious to land soon!

skinny cow

Every evening it shows up! Seriously yummilicious! 100 calories of pure chocolate pleasure! My husband sees me heading to the freezer each night for “the box.” He has taken to calling me skinny. Not a wonder I’m in love with it:-)

flag waving

Our Inn has enjoyed a variety of company. And I enjoyed adding some patriotic touches to welcome our guests.


garage sale find

nutrition in a pan

 yes, still trying

calm waters

Annually our family packs up and heads to Camp Patmos on Kelley’s Island for a week. I figure that in my 53 years, I’ve landed on that island 38 summers. It is our “home away from home.” Refreshment for the soul. A place to soak up the presence of God. Because life is not always calm, or always happy.

patmos view

If we stay trusting in the Lord, the Songbook (Psalm 125:1 to be exact) says we are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken. The mountain stands – in all kinds of weather, through all the seasons – yet remains unshaken.

Fixed. Firm. Stable. My faith has been tested in recent weeks. Perhaps yours has been too. Trusting yields restfulness. There is room on the mountain for you! I’ll scooch over. I welcome your company.

Wishing you calm waters, steadfast hearts, and sweet summer desserts!




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