On Purpose

behind closed doors

Alas, I give you the last of my 3-part series through our newly constructed Master Bedroom Suite. Thank you for dropping in for the first chat of 2012!
door #1 
Our closet. Or I like to call it our dressing room. One dream I had was to eliminate all dressers, forever.
Hubster’s side. Could I not have found a better front shirt for this photo shoot? Chirp – real life. And how did the pink hanger make its way into my all white hanger hang-out?


Old science lab drawers repurposed. Way to go honey!


Moving around to my side.


Old Faithful


door #2
Size is not recommended for ironing sheets (smile) or tablecloths . . .  Lovin’ it!
door #3
This little green door could be titled the “Door of Adjustment.”
After ten wonderful years in my mission office job, at my own choosing, I am out of work. Or away from work. I have entered a new season of life. At the age of 53, I find myself in the solitude of my home for really the first time. Prior to my office work I was a full-time stay-at-home mom with three children. (Prior to that I was a skinny college girl who could eat unlimited amounts of M & M’s and pizza!)
This new season, it takes some adjusting.
definition: to put in order, to settle or bring to a satisfactory state
I have a new door in my life and I’m not sure what is behind it. I’ve found that often the hardest part of moving to the next room is turning the handle and stepping forward. I’m also pretty sure if we don’t use the doors that are given to us – both opened and closed – we will remain in the same room, moving around in the same space and place. 
Perhaps you have a new door of opportunity or adjustment in your life too. 
Smack dab in the middle of the word adjusting is just. As in:
Just go with it.
Just in time.
Just sayin’.
I don’t know who Al Davis is but this quote belongs to him. “You don’t adjust. You just dominate.”
How’s that for some New Years optimism? Sparrow smiles.
There is better encouragement with life-giving significance found in Psalm 32:10. “The Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him.”
I’m willing to share that optimism with you. With the Lord’s help, we step out confidently into 2012.
I hear a door creaking open. How about you?
I try to reply to every email: monkjo@live.com

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