On Purpose

"ruff" introduction

This past Sunday, as is our usual practice, Chuck and I arrived to church a bit early to reserve our favorite seats. Chuck busied himself making his morning tea and after placing our Bibles down, I noticed a man across the aisle who has been attending for a few weeks.

With a large church, it is hard to know when someone is new or just changing service times. I decided to investigate.

This gentleman is hard to overlook. His companion is a large beautiful German Shepherd, a rescue dog. 

I wandered over and introduced myself and asked him about his dog. After chatting for several minutes, I mentioned we were somewhat new to the church. Graham (not his real name) went on to say that he was a newcomer too and just in December had been walked through the Bible experience. After several sentences, it dawned on me what he was trying to say.

He met Jesus! He asked the Lord to be his Savior!

He went on to share that he had been an agnostic (one who is skeptical about the existence of God) most all of his life.

I gave him a pat on the back and a handshake with a joyous welcome into the Family of God. I wanted him to meet my husband so I introduced Chuck to him too. The two of them visited for a few more minutes.

Service began. We had a new friend named “Graham”. We witnessed the joy of someone after many years of rejecting the gospel come to know the truth and peace of Jesus Christ.

So hows about it?

In a  world full of people who couldn’t care less,
be someone who couldn’t care more.

This I write as a reminder to myself as much as to encourage anyone else.

What can our small gestures mean in another’s life?

Graham left that service knowing two more names in a sea of people. I hope he caught the joy and delight on our faces as he shared his news. Perhaps he went home thinking about two new friends he made. . .  

It didn’t cost a dime. Just a little bravery.
It didn’t take much time. A few small minutes.

A connection was made by being friendly. Note to self. Do this more often.

Yes, at church. But how about the bank line? Sharing in a clothes rack aisle? Waiting with a crowd for restaurant seating? In the waiting rooms . . .

In a world that is hurting and often scary, people can always use some good cheer. Yours and mine!

This Sunday we introduce Rich and Megan and their four young boys to our B&B. We are excited to meet these Aviation Missionaries who are heading to Africa. Another opportunity to share good cheer. This time with soft beds!

When we walk in church this Sunday, we have a new friend to greet. Hiya Graham!

Okey dokey. Gotta run. Or walk – my 30 minutes.

Glad to share the flight with you.


If you have a “cheer shared” story, I’d love to hear it. I am humbled by your email comments and always try to reply. Sparrows blessings!

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