On Purpose

connecting the dots

dot A

They look more like models on the cover of a family magazine than missionaries heading to South Africa.

Richard and Megan, with their four young sons, entered our lives this past weekend. It took about five minutes to catch their passion and love for the people of Lesotho, Africa. With the use of aviation, they will be able to bring hope and help to this poverty ridden country. 

Lesotho is a small country of 2 million people crippled by famine and HIV/AIDS (1/3 of the country is HIV). Richard will be flying medical help and food in to the mountainous regions. Their family will be directly involved in the Africans’ lives sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who have never heard His name.

dot B

My background is missions directed. From parents who were missions minded to my own pursuit of a missions degree to my added years of working in a mission agency, my life has circled around missions. My Plan A was to be a missionary on “foreign soil.” God had other plans. (I have long ago accepted His plan as the best. But in the early years, I struggled with doubts.)

dot C

You know those special moments of clarity that come to you? The curtain is pulled back and you view the panoramic view as God must see it.

As is our ritual from the 1 or 10 day stay of our B&B guests, I walked the missionaries out with all their luggage to see them off. The warm breakfast (simple Baked Oatmeal Pie) was followed by warm hugs along with a bag full of chocolate chip cookies for the kids (thanks Mom!).

As I tearfully watched Richard and Megan with their sons pull out of the driveway, that moment of clarity arrived. I may not have ended up on foreign soil, but I have the honor and privilege of serving those who are. Serving the Servants.

The dot is connected.

A little part of my heart will be flying in a Cessna 206 Turbo airplane over the mountain regions of South Africa.

Meanwhile… I have my own mountain to climb.

Dippity doo dots day,

I’m working on my next blog post which will be about another mountain-climbing journey. Hint: A 4-letter word that starts with a “D” and ends with a “T”.


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