On Purpose

stay the course

jet-skis, family, dining hall, lakeside cabins, sailboats, sunsets over Lake Erie, chapel, old friends, new friends, 100 degrees, fishing, bike rides, volleyball (mostly all uncaptured by my camera, next year . . .)

Camp Patmos 2012, Kelleys Island

Brian, Danae & Bret on ferry ride over. (Danae’s husband, Geoff, was able to join us Tuesday.)
Chuck and Sparrow:) Anticipating a great week!
Deeks’ Cabin #16 July 4th week
Moved in. Relaxing begins.
Dad & Daughter Date
Perspective gained. Revived. Refreshed.

wandering off

I have a tendency to wander off course. I’m easily distracted. Perhaps 1 or 2 or 10 of you find yourself in the same boat 🙂 Wandering off course comes with no effort. We will face this conflict for the rest of our journey. I guess that is why I lean into the phrase “stay the course.”

I looked into the meaning of these three words and here is what I found:

-to continue doing something even when it is difficult;
-based on literal meaning of a ship continuing in the same direction, even in bad conditions

In our chapel times together each day we were well served by Pastor Mark Ashley from Northfield, OH. We were reminded that Truth and Life live in the pages of God’s Word. Psalm 119 became the reference point for our week together, a compass to help steer us and encourage us to stay the course.

one-liner thoughts from my notes

The compelling reason to wade deep into God’s Word-  to know God and His will accurately, and praise Him fully.

Worship has everything to do with what you treasure.

Turn my eyes from worthless thingsPsalm 119:37

Revive me, O Lord according to Your Word. Psalm 119:107  Definition of revive: return to life; regain health and vigor; return to use and effectiveness and influence

When God’s Word is proclaimed, believed, trusted and obeyed, light shines. It is safe to say, the light is dimming in America.

Definition of wisdom – skillful negotiation of life. Source of wisdom is God Himself through His Word.

Contemplative living – the problem is not busy lives but hurried spirits and racing minds.

Meditation may be the most neglected in all that we do with the Bible.

Discipleship learning will not happen in a hurry.

What will result from regular, prayerful, habitual contemplation of God’s Word?

1- Come to know God and rejoice in His plan of salvation for you
2- Energized spiritual life, heart is stirred
3- Changed life, truth is powerful
4- Strengthened in faith and greater confidence in God
5- Ability to live peacefully in a chaotic world
6- Filled with words of testimony
7- Understand your role and place in the world God has created


Maybe one of those random lines will encourage your own course today.

One last photo to keep you updated on my healthy living weight loss journey:

73.4 pounds lost in 27 weeks. And mindful of the lifetime ahead to “Stay the Course.”
I hope we are steering in the same direction. I pray we are.
Open my eyes that I might see wonderful things in your law (Word).          Psalm 119:18
As always, it is a delight to share a few minutes with you. I am humbled you are here, listening to the ramblings of an ole’ sparrow’s heart.
Sail on,
If you have any questions or comments, I try to answer each one at monkjo@live.com


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