On Purpose

sit and quit

Because what I write in this journal, of sorts, is more beneficial for me than the public eye, here are some very honest thoughts straight out of my chair this morning. I want to record my “processing of emotions” for future reference.

If you are not discouraged, mad, frustrated, out of patience, thoroughly ready for your trial to be behind you… I’m happy to catch you at the next posting. I promise to bring back my cheer:)

I thought it was time to share a full view. From size 3x to xlg. 
78.2 pounds lost
To save you from doing the math, the scales have barely moved the past two weeks, in SPITE of being on plan and even upping my game. The month of July has been  s   l   o    w .
30 weeks. I’m running low on patience in this journey. I want to cross the finish line. I’m tired of being “good” and making wise choices, over and over.
(For those who are new to my blog, this is a page from my story of battling food addiction. I know it isn’t a battle of cancer, of unalterable physical limitations, marriage crisis, financial bleak outlooks, and so many more heartbreaking and mindblowing life stories. BUT, it is my reality and acknowledging its life and death struggle helps in the healing process. At least I hope so.)
I turned to the Songbook this morning, the Psalms of the Bible. The writer David wrestled a lot with his emotions. David sure asked a lot of questions. In the end, his wrestling didn’t always bring him answers to life’s hard questions. Instead of finding answers, he found the Answer Giver.
Seek and Find – a Person, perfect in power and promise!
Could that be the purpose in this journey of mine? Of your own particular hard journey you travel?
Ultimately, seeking not the gifts from our Savior but seeking Him?
How lovely is Your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD, my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Even the sparrow has found a home…             Psalm 84:1-3
Sparrow receives honorary mention in the Songbook!>>>>>>>

I’m sure you’ve heard this: “Don’t stuff your face; face your stuff.” So this month instead of diving into this above… I splurged and bought this below…
Look closely, I am modeling my new necklace treat. It wears better than the scoops of sugar! Still, if there were no consequences…I’d choose the scoops.
Not a sitter or a quitter. I’m a climber… one day I pray it is true of my character. Until then, today I am making the choice to reign in my emotions and trust my Companion (Jesus Christ). He is building my life. AND YOURS TOO!
Join me in smiling in our trenches? I do know some of your trials, and they are deep. I am praying for you.
monkjo@live.com  I welcome all your comments and questions.

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