On Purpose

melting away

Flying in from our record-breaking hottest month of July…

Summer is waning… see the once tall and straight new white candle tipping?
I zoomed in. First time ever in all my summers to droop. (The candle, that is.)
Goodbye July. Hello August, end of.
We are headed straight toward the “back-to-school” routine, a routine that has guided me for the majority of my 54 years. School kid, college kid, return-to-college kid, married a teacher, 3 more school kids:)
This week history is being made. 
Drum roll . . .
This week is the last time I complain think about school encroaching upon our summer fun in the sun. This is Chuck’s 35th and last year of school! (He retires next June from teaching at age 56.)
I don’t know if I will miss the school days. Just in case I’ve taken this school routine for granted all these years, I plan to make the most of every changing month and season in this last year of our school career. It’s the best I can do.
Meanwhile, I am still snatching bits of time to enjoy my outdoors porch and flowers. The hummingbirds don’t seem to care that school is right around the corner.
Less of Me 
(Now there’s a good prayer. “Lord, less me and more Thee.”)
84.2 at 32 weeks
I broke the plateau (don’t know how or the physiology behind it but I’ll take it). To all of you who have cheered me on, THANK YOU! Journeys are difficult to travel alone. I’m thankful I have traveling companions! If you are one who is secretly, or not so secretly, pulling for me, can I just say it means sooooo much!!
I’m not where I am – if it wasn’t for help. And my greatest source? His story is found tucked in the pages of Scripture.
 Philippians 4:13  Even lose a truckload of pounds.
It’s been a great summer! My healthy lifestyle continues into the next season. Think simmering soups. But for now, I’m on the prowl for a frozen banana!
 Then off for a hike. Thanks for flyin’ with me! Enjoy the final days of summer.
monkjo@live.com  Open to comments or questions. I try to answer each one.

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