On Purpose

the sweet spot

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m fluffing up my nest. My eyes landed on a tray hubster made me a couple of years ago, now side-lined in storage.
I dusted off the cobwebs and found it a new home in a new room.

How can I make this tray inviting?
How ’bout a stack of garage sale plates on top of soft white linen?
Hmm. Needs some height. Shop the house. Found pizza sauce jar recycled and cinnamon sticks I’ve had since newly married.
Ripped a piece of gauze curtain around. Never, ever throw out gauzy material.

Tied off at the handle with an invitation to you. There is room on the tray to join me for a cup of tea. Or coffee. For sweet conversation. I’d love to have you join me!
a photo speaks
Dad has been enjoying Heaven now for nine years. On November 8th I took this picture. A sweet spot sharing the same space with this wonderful man I had the privilege to call my father. The picture is worth 1,000 emotions.
Blessed beyond measure. “The Lord has done great things for me, and I am filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3
chalkboard update
109.2 pounds lost since 1/3/2012. There are 4 slots left and that is where my end-goal lands, whatever number appears.
4 weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings and goodies, dodging pumpkins 🙂
Trying hard to remember this piece of advice, obviously given from someone who doesn’t have a thing for pumpkin: Love the foods that love you back.
a hasty blessing
May your stuffing be tasty and your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump…
Bless you,
monkjo@live.com  For questions or comments.

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