On Purpose

come on in

Knock. Knock.

Since you are good friends, come ’round the back entrance.

Pick up a blanket and come sit-a-spell!

Morris & Boris are the official welcome committee.

Settle into a chair fireside.

Uh, sweetie, could you drill me some holes? I trekked to mom’s woodpile and picked my project. In all its rustic glory it is beautiful when lit. Uh, thank you honey for being on board with every single project I dream of.

Look up! Enchanted Forest. This year’s felt tree craft.

Woodland Creatures parade.

Mr. Grumpy made it to the mantel. I bought this book at an antique store this summer while visiting relatives in NY. On my 2013 reading list. Wondering about the plot?

Mr. Snowman patiently waiting… for snow.

And last year’s craft tree sits atop silver.

Can I offer you tea? Coffee?

Always remembering Whom this season is all about. Jesus – the One and Only.

Chuck would like to share one of his popcorn balls with you.

Project #2. Hence Chuck’s favorite sweet treat! Uh, honey, could you build me a box measuring this by this out of old barn siding?

Perfecto! Isn’t he the greatest guy?

My Christmas centerpiece, titled Rustic Glam.

Turn to the right and find some big soft pluffy white mittens. What fun I had stuffing them to hang!

As you peek through these doors you will find Rudolph and Randolph prancing. They have been prancing with us since Year #1 of marriage when Chuck made them for me. Part of the family.

Time always goes by so fast when you visit with a friend. But I assume your calendar is loaded with baking, list-making, shopping, hostessing, caroling, attending, cleaning. In your busy day, thank you for stopping by. I’m honored you came.

But before you go, one most important utmost priority priceless treasure reason of all this season we call Christmas. Jesus’ birth to Jesus’ death to Jesus lives. God’s plan of redemption to save me from my sin, and yours. If you don’t understand what God has done for you, my email is happy to explain, and to pray for you.

One last greeting from 37460.

(I will share one very short post next week because I am down to my final little corner to fill in on my weight loss chalkboard. chirp chirp. This last number is where I land. Optimistically speaking. I smile.)

Much love to you. How I love your company!

monkjo@live.com  Always happy to answer, to share, to pray, to encourage.

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