On Purpose

your piece of the pie

One fork. One bite.

For the past 12 months that was my pizza size serving. I don’t remember once denying myself! 

It’s all a matter of perspective. 

With that word in mind, an official “Sparrow Welcome” into 2013! Here we sit eight days already into this new year. Eight days of bombardment of goal setting, resolution keeping, habit changing, cardio home workouts, gym memberships and more new diet plans all designed to make us “better people.”

A good friend of mine gave me this necklace when I finished my 2012 weight loss journey (her daughter makes beautiful jewelry). 

Sparrow landed. And sparrows love trees!

Perspective. Landing. Trees. (Hold on, I promise to tie this post together.)

I have been asked this question often: “What is your plan to maintain your 118.2 pound weight loss?”

Answer: “I’m workin’ on it.” A plan, that is.

Here is my very early update: I weigh in every day and record my weight. Three weeks out and as of this morning I am under by 2 pounds. Whew – gives me a little wiggle room as I try on new foods and try to figure this out.

I’m taking a little advice from a tree.

1- Stand tall and proud.

2- Go out on a limb.

3- Remember your roots.

4- Drink plenty of water.

I’m not sure what your piece of the pie you are challenged with in this new year. A little like completing a puzzle, gaining some perspective always advances the progress.

When I look at the slice of pizza pictured above (for all who know me, I LOVE pizza and it is one of the foods that calls my name most often), does it look small? Or does it look like JUST ENOUGH?

I remind myself often (very often) that there will always be enough.

There will always be another pizza pie. And more importantly, while perched in the tree, I am reminded that there is enough grace, comfort, forgiveness, refuge, love, companionship, and promises all from God’s own hand that will never run out!

Maybe these inspired words will touch your life like they have mine:

He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
He drew me out of deep waters.
He brought me out into a spacious place;
He rescued me because He delighted in me. (selected from Psalm 18)

Twelve months loom ahead of us. A year ago this day, here is what my chalkboard looked like. Began with 7.2 pounds lost week 1.

Whatever small goal or big dream you have in your heart this 2013, go out on a limb. You are in good company!Together we stretch tall and remember our roots.

(And just for the record, is the journey of change and surrender ever going to be easy?  Oh I wish. But that will be another post.)

I’m signing in my first posting of the year in size medium sweats, all comfy and cozy, geared up for the challenges ahead.

With water bottle in flight,

monkjo@live.com  I always respond to comments or questions or if you plain old need some “you can do its” !!!!!

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