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the 10 1/2′ anniversary gift

Before the calendar page gets turned out of my anniversary month, I want to share my gift from Chuck.

Behold, the 10 1/2′ handmade Harvest Table.


Here is a closer look. I love it. The BEST part? Chuck made it for me.

We can easily seat 12. (There is room for 2 sweet daughter-in-laws I’m praying for! Ahemmmm.  Wow! no pressure boys!!)


Did you notice the tablecloth? My table is graced with a thrifted heirloom beauty I snagged a couple of weeks ago!

Color, check. Fabric, check. Price, check check. 99 cents !

While I was clearing out our porch, I found a fun little lamp that needed to find a new home. I just happen to have a quiet corner tucked alongside our new dining area.

light corner

I turn on the cheery little lamp each day as the sun starts going down. And early mornings before the sun comes up.

The small light brightens up that little corner.


We were honored to have a guest in our home for a few days last week.

A woman who was temporarily homeless. A woman who needed a friend. A woman who needed some cheer in her life.

A woman who needed to hear that Jesus loves her.

Four days. My light got to shine in her corner of the world.

Look at the bottom of this page. It may be the most precious entry in our 28 year old Guest Book.

Peace. Could there be any better gift to share?

I found a tough and mean world out there that I live pretty sheltered from.

I’m honored that our first overnight guest at our new Harvest Table was this special lady.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing my God cannot do. 

~ Sunday School songs

My heart sings. Join the choir?!


PS – Stay tuned for the next posting: The Sugar Slip 

monkjo@live.com  As always, open to comments/questions.

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