On Purpose

not got the hang of it

I might never will.

We have had a wonderful summer trying out Chuck’s first weeks of retirement! From me, in my purple cap, I bring you a summer recap…

photo (3)

vacations+day trips+bonding with old friends+forging new friendships+family togetherness+new serving privileges= Blessed Summer

302Stan Hywet Mansion, OH.  Rated: most interesting.


423Brandywine Falls, OH  Rated: most breathtaking.


485Donut shop on the boardwalk of Geneva on the Lake.  Rated: most delicious.


398Camp Patmos, Kelley’s Island. Rated: most heavenly. (Seriously, our family’s “heaven on earth” piece of land & water. That is Chuck on the point of the dock fishing.)


419View of Cleveland from Blues Cruise, Good Times III. Rated: most unique.


IMG_2532Our Cabin, PA.  Rated: most inspiring.


IMG_2613Cleveland Art Museum. Rated: most boring, um most culture. Truly is impressive and I did find a thing or two I appreciated.


Back to the 4 donuts at Madsens, the 3 Reese’s Chocolate DQ Blizzards in a row, the too many boxes to count of Cheez-its along with the too many slices of pizza . . .

Struggling to get my act together.

I have days where I am on target on eating and off on exercise.

I have days where I am on target with exercise and off on eating.

I have days where I am on target with eating and exercise. (Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus?)

I have days where I am off target with eating and exercise. (Sigh.)

What’s a girl to do? A girl who has plumped past the “skinny jeans” and is too afraid to hop on the scales. 

Put one foot in front . . . keep stepping.

IMG_2638My morning walk.

In between the steps of our summer, there has been enough pain, fear and sadness to drive me time and again back to the Scriptures.

The Book of all comfort and direction. The Book that offers salvation and then wisdom for the way.

I find Faith Declarations to meet each need. At every corner. To bolster my faith.

“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;

I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth.

These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.”   Isaiah 42:16

Drink deeply from the ancient truths. I have this summer. More than any other previous summers.

And for that reason it makes rating this summer: one of the most precious I’ve ever had.

photo (6)

Blessings from your sometimes blind and stumbling friend but one who just happens to be well acquainted with her Guide, Jesus Christ.  I hope you’re traveling the same path because I sure love company! (If you’re not, I’d love to introduce you to Jesus. My email is open, as is my screened porch!)

A pep in those steps!


monkjo@live.com  (Checking emails in screened porch with sidekick, Scruffy, on my lap. Those flowers are my Pride of the Patch!) 






6 thoughts on “not got the hang of it”

  1. Enjoy your little nuggets of creativity, humor, and what you’re up to these days (with expanded family life), always focusing on Christ by the end, which also helps me make my day better!

    1. Thank you Carol for your kind words on my writing. It was a surprise to see you pop up in the comments:-)

      Love to all of you. Best blessings in this still new year!

  2. Blessings to you… my daughter picked out a comforter for her dorm room bed with sparrows on it … made me think of you…..hard for me to prepare for my youngest “leaving the nest”.

    1. I’m glad we share a favorite verse Jess! And you young gals inspire me!! Tumbleweed is waiting for a visit:) Hope to see you soon! Mrs. Deeks

      1. Wow Toni! Do I ever remember those mixed up feelings! Happy for them in their next step of independence and at the same time, wanting to hold on to them. Kind of sweet her comforter of sparrows. God cares. Btw, I love seeing your family photos!! Hugs to you friend of long ago:)

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