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you choose your view

You may delay, but time will not.”

I wonder if Benjamin Franklin was closing up his summer porch when he penned those words.

Not only is Scarecrow late in making his appearance, the weatherman is predicting a bit of white flakes to keep him company!

photo (13)

We can’t complain as we winterize because it has been a beautiful fall here in northeast Ohio.

Farewell ’til next summer.

photo (14)

Remember this vintage table, my birthday gift this past summer?


This oh-so-sweet table came up with a brilliant idea and meandered its way into my sitting room. What a perfect place to settle for the winter months ahead.

photo (11)

Here is my view from the new perch.

photo (10)

A grand view. See the red barn peeking out across the way?

A grand spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while studying or blogging or daydreaming or just looking out the window at the changing sky in the distance.

photo (4)There are changes in our family “view” that complement the change of seasons.

Perhaps someday I will be at liberty to share all the changes happening in the lives of our children. For now, let’s just say there are enough changes to keep this mom humming praises as well as whispering prayers.

I see God’s faithfulness in the changing seasons. I watch His faithfulness unfold in our family view.

My view as I look up from my studies. A central theme that weaves its truth into my days.

photo (7)God’s abundant grace. God’s never-failing faithfulness. Meets me in the ever-changing seasons.

One last view . . .

Farewell favored sandals. See you in a few months! (For the record, thrifted top, $1.99 and purse $.99)

photo (8)I’m choosing to embrace the changes.

And when the pathway gets a little bumpy?  I have company- His grace and His faithfulness.

There is room on this path to walk together. I’ve a feeling your view might very well strengthen my view!

Wishing you brisk walks, pumpkin anythings, soft blankets, and cozy candlelight!


PS – Next post I will share how I solved one of my household management aggravations!

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2 thoughts on “you choose your view”

    1. Aww, thank you Dawn. You are kind. I hope you are in a good season. Glad to have you share the pathway with me! Love you, Margi

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