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pushing the reset button

I don’t know about you, but our November was full!

Our basket is filled to the brim with bounteous blessings. Tucked alongside our blessings are some unwelcome burdens, some pretty heavy to lug on our own.

I am ready to push the reset button. Before we do, as promised in my last posting, I bring you the simple solution to one of my most frustrating organizational failures.

the bag of bags

We have lived in our home for 28 years and in all 10,082 days, I have lived in gift wrapping/bagging/bow-attaching misery.

My system failed me in each move from office room to toy room to craft room to laundry room. All attempts failed with open shelving, closed shelving, clear plastic bins of various shapes and sizes.  My last effort at organizing this detail of life ended up with “hurry and shut the door before it all falls out.” If I did manage to get the cupboard door opened before they toppled, it was a rummaging fiasco.

END of frustration, by accident.

Doing my last cleanout, I happened upon a beach tote I purchased some years ago at a garage sale for 50 cents. The tote moved aimlessly from closet to closet lacking any specific purpose for living, until . . .

bag of bagsRe-purposed!

Beach Tote tucks neatly into my linen closet. The handles are easy to grab. The gift paraphernalia is all in view for quick selection. There is a pocket inside where I keep a pair of scissors and tape.

Thanksgiving isn’t just for the big things in life!

I think the tote will live on another 10,082 days.

back to reset

November has been tough. My healthy lifestyle tumbled with my first bite of pumpkin roll. I spent the last few days of November determining how to face December, the month of all things Sweet & Sugared. 

My plan unpacked: 

  • GOAL 1: I accepted a Level 3 challenge from Mommy Fitness 101. (I don’t know how to link up to Jana’s blog, but you can google it, if interested.) I plan to walk 35 minutes each day of December. Thank you, Jana, for providing some structure and accountability for me.
  • GOAL 2: Return to eating one ingredient foods. (meat, vegetable, fruit, nuts…) Skip sugar and processed foods.
  • GOAL 3: I am excited about beginning a 4-week Advent devotional and workbook. It is something I have never done.

photo (15)

As I push the reset button this last month of 2013, I am praying for those who have shared some rough travels. God knows and He cares. That’s what Dec. 25 is all about! “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son” (John 3:16) 

I am thankful that God meets us in our travels.                                                             margi

monkjo@live.com  ~ I welcome your questions or comments.

6 thoughts on “pushing the reset button”

    1. Hiya Pat! It’s the little things:) Wishing you well on any “resets” in your life! And…. my first thought on the change of Host meetings – bummer, I won’t get to see Pat every Sunday now. Glad for road trips ahead:) Thanks for reading me~ margi

  1. It was so good to see you in November. It’s always good to catch up with each other so we know how to pray! I’ve been praying. God bless!

    1. I love what you are doing, Wanda, with your Bible Advent readings posted on facebook. What a great way to encourage one another. I had already “charted my course” but I plan to sneak a peek at what is posted:) Meanwhile, waiting with you on the timing of your move to new house! Thanks for being a praying friend! margi

    1. So good to hear from you, Leslie! It gets so crazy, if we let it, around the holidays. I will pray that this will be the BEST December in a long while for you. Christmas is a lonely time with all the memories and traditions for a lot of people. But, if we keep our focus on the real Truth, it will bring a joy that bubbles up deep inside. It is my prayer for you this month! Focusing together, margi

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