On Purpose

if you know the plan, you can follow it

In just two fast-paced blink of an eye weeks, Christmas is here. You are cordially invited to pull up a chair, snuggle into a cozy throw, sip hot chocolate with me, and munch on carrot sticks. So tell me, how do you keep the most wonderful time of the year wonderful?

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I devised a plan for December and it looks like this:

limit store browsing
daily do Advent Bible study
walk more
eat less
clear up, clean up, show up, share up

Oh, and don’t give up. The winter weight has begun to creep in, er, more like settle in. Joining the local fitness center was a grand plan.

I’m reminded for the thousand of times, “Most people don’t need a breakthrough. What people need is follow through.”

if you look hard enough

photo (35)

Inspiration is peeking out from under the last blanket of snow.

The day I spied my brave little pink rosebud was a particularly bad day. Sometimes beauty is found in the most unexpected places.

Behind the pain, or the drain, or the complain, JOY battles its way through.

JOY that arrived some 2,000 years ago in a most unexpected place. The name is Jesus. Immanuel, God is with us.

God is with me in the best and worst of days.

Let me add this to my December checklist:

Savor the Wonder of God.

See with fresh eyes God’s extravagant love in the Person of Jesus Christ. I’m part of His Grand Plan. A remarkable plan that Overcomes. Changes my perspective.

Can’t help it. Joy bubbles up.

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Sidney and I wish you Merry Christmas, bloggy friends!

A Merry Christmas filled with tidings of great JOY, parked in the very midst of your life circumstances.

Won’t you pull up a chair and visit again? I treasure your company.                                                                                                                                                                    margi


8 thoughts on “if you know the plan, you can follow it”

  1. Hi, finally we meet….sorta 🙂 I have heard wonderful things about you!! Plan on sharing our new season ,journey,joy,sorrow,back to joy again w/ you….wink and thank you for sharing and caring….

    1. Hiya Gina! Always happy to make a new friend. I’m glad that we got connected through a mutual friend!

      Perhaps someday we will meet in person:) Until then, I’m glad to have you share the journey of joy with me!

      Love & prayers to you Gina,

  2. ♥ it! I really should have gotten the hot tea first and savored longer. But what hit me was …..the importance of the “follow through”. New words to keep telling myself. Follow through on good choices….follow through on following Him.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and Sydney.

    1. And I would enjoy that cup of tea with you! We have a lot in common, besides a great church in which to worship and serve. You follow through with me!! Sounds like a plan:) Love you, Pat. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  3. Hi Margi, Karen and I love you and thank the Lord for your friendship. A verse that has come to mean more me than ever before is part of what Mary told Elisabeth in Luke 1:49. “For He that is mighty has done to me great things; and holy is His name.” While our lives will not compare in the miracle of the virgin birth, this same great and awesome God Who is holy in everyway has indeed done wonderful things in each of our lives. Much love to you and Chuck. Please keep writing. Your blogs are such a blessing!

    1. A mini-devotional in the comment section.Such good words! Thank you, Mike, as always for your timely and encouraging words. Love to you and Karen, always with good warm memories! And Mike, keep up the good writing helps!

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