On Purpose

choosing fun

If you’re a Red Rose tea drinker, you will recognize these little ceramic collectables.

Chuck has collected them for years. They have been accumulating (dust) on his shadow box in his workshop.

As we downsize for our move, another decision. Keep or give away?

Keep! If our little grands have as much fun as I did cleaning and organizing them, it is a WIN!

We like playing restaurant. What if we gave each person a thank-you gift before leaving our diner?

A wee bit of Gigi fun amidst the hard.

Selling/moving update:

1. Stuff is scarce. That task is pretty much done.

2. Filling holes, touching up paint.

3. Deep cleaning this week.

4. Outdoor work began yesterday.

Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.”        (Wayne Dyer)

I am amazed how much attitude can change perspective. Another author put it this way.

“Count it all joy…” (James, The Bible)

Today, I’m choosing fun. And working on joy.

So whatcha choosing in your world?

‘Til next chatter, Margi



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