On Purpose

For Sale

Two little words carry such a big impact.

After picture day in our home yesterday, the sign was planted.

Enter Kleenex box.

“How did this happen? My first thought.

The question really asks, “Where did all those years go?” And, “How am I going to leave this precious season behind?”

My answer. I don’t know.

But here is something I do know with certainty. Chuck and I are following a Guide. A guide who is already familiar with the path ahead of us. We have walked along with Him through many years together and found Him faithful.

So we step forward with Jesus. I picture Him carrying the tissue box. (Insert sweet smile.)


Here are a couple of things that made my job of house-prep-for-moving easier.

Though we do not have a pet, these swiffers work great. We don’t have an inch of carpet in our house so love these. I’m sure there is a more economical solution but this is my fav.

The magic erasers? Hands down the most valuable item in my cleaning cabinet. They really do work magic. Think showers, sinks, walls, appliances, baseboards… worth the money.

Not pictured is the share bag of M&M’s. Just keeping it honest. Because who doesn’t deserve a treat after working hard. (Still working on all these sugary splurges. Little progress to report.)


Thank you for stopping by. Sipping coffee with you has made my day sweeter. I hope yours is sweeter too.

‘Til next cup & less Kleenex, Margi


6 thoughts on “For Sale”

  1. I’ve seen your home through many seasons/changes. Jim and I and our kids have enjoyed sweet times in your beautiful home…many cups of coffee and sweet fellowship. I will pray for you as you walk out the door and into your next season. God is faithful! He is trustworthy! He is good! He’s got you.

    1. More kleenex! I remember.
      Changing seasons is hard, yet there is an anticipation of what’s next. Jumbled emotions will all get sorted out.
      Thank you, dear friend, for your words of understanding and optimism.
      God is!

  2. Love your honesty! From one who has moved more than 25 times in my 57 years, it seldom gets easier. …And the deeper the roots of time, the harder the parting. I admire your courage and trust in your Guide and know that wherever you and Chuck land will be home because you are there.

    1. Wow Becky! 25 times. You must be a pro at all the sorting, packing, cleaning and staging.
      Your sweet words of understanding mean a lot to me. Even though these walls of mine cry out to “save them,” I’m reminded of your truth. Home is people.
      Thank you, Becky

    1. Thank you, Mike. You have navigated many hard transitions just in the years I’ve known you. So glad we share the same Guide, ever faithful!

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