On Purpose

Day 18 EatPlants Experiment

I’m taking a pause to share my heart. It’s okay if you scroll past (wont hurt my feelings). This is for those who don’t know me well. It’s risky to be vulnerable.

I am not an “out-front” person. I shy away from attention. My comfy spot is quietly taking up the back corner in a room. So how is it that I can chat it up at my church on Host Team and write about my experiences through social media?

I look for a common denominator. Been a long time since math, but Webster says, “A feature shared by all.”

I love connecting and am drawn to community. If we are honest, we all need people in our lives who get us. People who are honest enough to pull away the mask of perfection. We need each other!

I share my broken-down faults not to bring attention to me and my struggles but to encourage and draw us together.  Most of you following my Plant Journey/binge eating (on FB & IG) probably don’t struggle in this area. Yet I could almost guarantee we all share something very difficult. A battle so overwhelming it grips us in heartache as we grope at an uphill climb.

Our broken lives?
Helps us get to Jesus, who ultimately meets our deepest needs.

             There is beauty found in the broken.  Near PA Cabin. 

We all have a story.
We all need someone to say, “Come on, I’ll listen. I’ll share my un-perfectedness. My uglies. We will find our way together.”

It’s not really about plant eating experiments, but opening the pages of my story to invite you in to share yours.

Serving up coffee with some nut milk. Join me? I’d be delighted!

Let’s be brave together.


4 thoughts on “Day 18 EatPlants Experiment”

  1. I love reading your posts and connecting with you! I always admired your friendship with Brenda. It is great to know she has such a beautiful friend. You both have shared so much together over the years. A view from your little sister! 🙂

    1. Oh Karen that is so sweet! I consider YOU my friend, just a bit more long- distance. Glad for fb to keep up with happenings in your life.

      You have had such a good attitude through your challenges! Keep a-growin’!

      Glad to share the journey with you! Thank you for joining moi 😊

  2. I always wonder how much longer that old barn will be standing. A beautiful picture we took on the side of the road!
    Thank you, my friend. Kindred spirits how many years? BBC 1977
    Thank you for gettin’ me 💜

  3. I was with you when you took this picture. Love you girl. You have one of the beautiful hearts I have the privilege of knowing. As a fellow struggler I chear you on!

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