On Purpose

a habit of order

“If a task can be completed in less than one minute, do it right away.”
~Gretchen Rubin, “Better Than Before”

Okay, so the spice and measuring drawer took longer than one minute, but, no more than 30. The finished project is a beauty to behold. Each time I open this drawer, it gives me great delight!

Why do I care so much about order?

Perhaps because so much of life is beyond my control, this little spice space I can.

And I have high hopes that if my spices are well ordered, so is my life.

A tall order? Yup. This is one of my life verses I chose many moons ago in college.

“He has shown you (Margi) what is good. What does the Lord require of you?
To act justly.
To love mercy.
To walk humbly with your God.”
(Micah 6:8)

Nary a mention of well-organized spices.

But the opposite of organization is a lot of clutter. Clutter happens beyond counters and  closets and cabinets. It also happens in our lives. Do you feel it too?

I’ve been working a long time on that well-ordered list from Micah, a prophet of God. I’ve a long ways to go.

At the end of his book Micah pointed God’s people toward an everlasting hope in an everlasting God. Reminder: we do not walk alone.

I do see Jesus smile as He looks over my spice space.

Creating habits of order at the Inn.

Come just as you are,


PostScript: 36 boxes left to check off in my One-a-Days. I am ahead of schedule. The Inn is halfway ship-shape. Christmas Tree goes up in 43 days.

4 thoughts on “a habit of order”

    1. I love that we share the same vision, Becky, beyond our spice drawers💗
      Thanks for walking with me. There are plenty of bends in the road where we lean on each other.

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