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oaks, elephants and single digits

Why hello, November! I love Thanksgiving month. And hello Benjamin Franklin.
“Little strokes fell great oaks.”

I started my One-a-Days because 1) my house was getting messy behind closed cabinets, closets and doors… and 2) hiring a maid was not in the budget.

A purge was needed as well as an an old-fashioned cleaning.

I don’t consider myself old-fashioned, although approaching old is coming fast. I can list a very long number of activities I like better than cleaning. Organizing is my sweet spot.

So I write this post to remember. Assuming I get to my last box to check off, would I do it again?

I bring some ramblings on 77 specific house projects:

1. Goal. We’ve all heard how you eat the elephant, one bite at a time. You do not need to finish off the elephant in any certain order. Part of the rebel in me, I chose random tasks in rooms to work in. Kept me from bored and overwhelmed.

2. Tools. I purchased this for cleaning my fans. Still a neck-ache but beats me falling off a step stool.

3. Timing. Rarely did I leave a box to check late in the day. No night owls at the Inn.

4. Satisfaction meter.  Anytime I can achieve a goal, it is a big win. I’m not saying this would categorize as hard by world standards, but I’m about to cross the victory line, and I can picture it now. Scores of loud cheering and an x-large trophy.

Oaks felled and elephant eaten.

A faithful job.

Remaining steadfast. Kind of hearkens back to an old-fashioned idea. I’m grateful for a faithful husband. But even more, the faithfulness of my best friend, Jesus.  I’m aiming one day to hear His words of “Well Done.”

Closing in on the finish line, leaving me 12 months to work on my budget to hire housekeeping.

Come just as you are,

PostScript: 8 boxes remain. Of course you know I’m kidding on the maid.

2 thoughts on “oaks, elephants and single digits”

  1. The perfect message at the perfect time. Thank you for the refocus, mom.❣️I do still like the maid idea;)

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