On Purpose

candles & truth

As I emptied out my white and gray hutch, which houses all my candles, this phrase ran through my mind. “To thy own self be true.” 

A few years ago I made a pact with myself (in search of minimalism) to burn the candles I already have before purchasing more. I did. And I still am. 

As I pulled out my candles, I put them in seasons. It looks as though my budget will be happy until next fall. 

By the way, all of these candles are gifts. (I have very nice friends who don’t know about my candle burning pact.) I’m keeping my part of “to thy own self be true.”

I’m not so much into Shakespeare, Hamlet to be exact, where I think that phrase originated.

“I just need to be true to myself.” Good intention. But I wonder, do you think there is a cautionary care of that phrase?

The word true. Our world today would have us define truth to whatever floats our own boats. Whatever is trending, making up our own truth according to our own desires. Truth is defined by what is preferred and what is popular.

A pause…  does my truth line up with God’s truth? Always? 100% of the time?

I believe God is Truth and He has given us absolutes, found in the Bible. And therein is the beauty.

God is our Creator and Designer. His truth is not meant to cage us in or limit us. Actually, it is in God’s truth we find the freedom to operate in the most beautiful way possible.

God’s truth, not our desire, points the way to freedom: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Back where we started. With my fresh cuppa, I’m about to light my lovely gifted fall candle, adding beauty to my home.

Here are a couple more pics at the Inn dressed in November.

Soup’s on. I’m taking the next few minutes reading God’s “right instructions.”

Come just as you are, margi

PostScript: I have fallen behind on One-a-Days due to a 5-day migraine cluster. Good thing I was ahead of schedule. Am still on track to put up the Christmas Tree day after Thanksgiving. Hoping next week to grab hold of that trophy:)

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