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happy, a hack and a habit

So I did a thing. With my Bible, my book, my planner and coffee I switched seats.

I moved from my Nook out to our Great Room. (Is that what they still call it? Great things do happen in our open living room/kitchen but I need a better name. Great Room seems a bit stuffy for cottage life.) I digress.

Interesting what a change of scenery does for perspective, right? I think it is why vacations were invented.

So I’m writing from my Whatever Room, trying not to notice the meal halfway prepped for next hour. What I do notice is the empty loveseats and chair. And they are not sad.

Friday I had three gals over to talk about the Bible.  It was a delightful time, welcoming them into our Whatever Room. Over our discussion about Jesus, with coffee, tea and Cream Puff Cake, I made a new friend. Nothing warms my heart faster💗

A simple layout to say welcome. A lit candle and long-used glass dishes (many! years ago from our Marc’s store) to hold a sweet. Takes only a second to pull together.

My one touch I like to add is changing up paper napkins, according to seasons or whimsy. (Cloth napkins have not yet married with cottage casual life. Don’t hold your breath waiting!)

I like to pick the napkins up when I see them. My favorite spot is on the end caps of Target. They are a wee bit pricier but not to fear! As I pulled out this beautiful quiet thick plaid, an idea popped.

Scissors. Cut on seam. In seconds I doubled my Guest Plaid Napkins from 16 to 32.  Not one lady noticed they were using only half a napkin. Whatever Room smiles.  

I know this is very small hack, (seems one could have invented a lovelier name for good ideas!) and it won’t change the world’s ills. But it did charm a certain Innkeeper’s heart.

And before we leave Target. Here is one more. I was reminded of it Friday by my new friend. If you have a lovely view from your kitchen window that you don’t wish to curtain over, here you go.

Walmart for tension rod and hanging clips. I found the best towels to hang come from Target. Great seasonal options. No ironing necessary. Easy on the budget. Cut off tags and hang. Instant decor that is charming, Inn or no Inn.

Reminder from the Inn

My candle-lit hour is up. My pineapple glaze is calling. But I have enjoyed my switched-seat so much I may make it a once daily habit.

It is always good to shift scenery. Even if only in a 1600 sq ft Inn.

Come just as you are,

PostScript: On Monday, I walked to the podium and proudly received my trophy. The last 6 were the hardest, not for difficulty, but losing momentum. Nevertheless, my shiny trophy declares, “You can do hard things.” And so I did. Back to #63 -fridge needs cleaning.


6 thoughts on “happy, a hack and a habit”

  1. Love your thoughts and your ideas about the napkin and curtains. Being in a new small place, I look for those “pretty” ideas to make things nice around here too. We live on Sanctuary Lane and so Sanctuary is our new home. Refuge ♥♥♥ God provides

    1. I might be envious of your new street!!! What a beautiful name for your home. I love it, Pat! And the fact that we are both sharing the adventure of living small🤗
      From the Inn to the Sanctuary, much love♥️

    1. Your name came up in conversation with mom this week. She forgot that you were the one who taught me to bake my 6 loaves of bread, weekly. A sweet season, many miles ago💗

  2. Margi❤️
    None of my words seem enough to fit right now. Here is the best I can do.

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