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dad would love it

Every Thanksgiving I pause to remember and give thanks for my dad. Many of you too have had dads that led the way, that helped chart the course of your life. (Dad is pictured with our daughter, Danae.)

It has been 18 years this November that Dad is missing from our table. In those 18 years, there are 11 people in my family he never met.

Dad would have loved them.

Many have heard Chuck talk about my Dad being his mentor. I couldn’t help but think of Dad’s influence as Chuck led our Thanksgiving gathering. He carries on Dad’s tradition and legacy.

Dad would have loved it.

Flannel story of “Only One.” Ten men were healed. Nine went on their merry way, distracted by their gift. Only one returned to pour out his heart and give Jesus thanks. Our grands recreate the story.

Dad would have loved it.

As we close out our November, I take another pause to look at my December calendar ahead. I have made room on it to share Jesus.

Hello December! Snow falls, fire crackles, friends meet, ovens bake and I see a nap coming.

Dad, you would love it all.

Come just as you are,

PostScript: The Inn is decorated and all the shopping is done. In the midst of all the hustle, the Innkeeper managed to steal some moments of Wonder. Do you have one to share?

8 thoughts on “dad would love it”

  1. Love this! I know Grandpa Mayo would be so proud of you, mom! Your gift of writing is best shared! If he could be here today I know that he would cheer you on:)

    1. I’m sad Grandpa never met Geoffrey or your 4 littles but! You knew him and his legacy lives on in you 💗
      Thanks for the always-encouragement in my writing, Nae!

  2. I had a very special dad too. He too would have loved to meet all his great grandchildren. He only met one. There are now 6 and one on the way.

    What a sweet special message Margi. Your grandchildren are so precious. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and cheer.

    1. Aww I’m so glad you had a very special dad too, Cathy. God’s gift!
      Thank you for sharing your kind words on my chatter💗

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