On Purpose

white and puffy

It sounds a bit like a description of yours truly. Yes, I’m still struggling with too many extra lbs. (Another way of saying the Innkeeper does not “have it all together.”) But, let’s get on to a cheerier topic.

Think marshmallows, not margi.

When my kids were young I remember watching Martha Stewart make marshmallows. She made it look so easy. She also said if you hadn’t tasted homemade marshmallows, versus store bought bag, you hadn’t lived.

To remedy my 25 years un-lived, I bring you marshmallows from the Inn.

Cast of characters: inexpensive ✔

Fun factor: yes indeed ✔ The small pool of gelatin changes as the syrup mixture is added. Billowy white mounds! And they grow. And grow some more.  Kitchen Aid runs 12 minutes whipping the white. I felt transported back to science lab.

Quickly, finish the process. Time is of the essence. Do not even think about scraping the bowl. (FYI – there is no scraping in marshmallow fluff.)

Patience. Must wait ’til morning.

7 am. Excitement mounts, after all, it’s been 25 years the Innkeeper has waited for this moment. Will it or won’t it? Resemble anything like my 25 year-old Martha-memory?

The science experiment, a success!

Drumrollll, yes, YES! The Innkeeper takes a bow.

Mom also did a taste test. “Very good.”

According to the pleas of my grands for “just one more,” I’m sure they would agree with Martha. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a white and puffy.

May your December be filled with sweetness, not necessarily the kind that adds another pound.

Come, just as you are.

PostScript: Does the Innkeeper have a reduction plan? She does. She hopes.

Arrives at my island. Yours?

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