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beyond clutter

Over the weekend, there is a word that popped up uninvited. I’m trying to view this word in a more positive light. It is a word that begs for a solution.

I’ll give you the definition and see if you can guess the word.

Adjective – untidy or dirty; a confusing and difficult situation to deal with.

The word is messy. Although the Inn could always use a bit more cleaning, it is the latter of that definition that sits with me.

I daresay we all have those situations that knock us for a loop, where we are blindsided by a particular circumstance. Right?

Innkeeper had one this weekend. I won’t go into the details for privacy sake, but what are we supposed to do when we are “hit” with messy? How do we respond when a situation seemingly has little solution?

A – throw a pity party
B – breathe deeply and count to ten
C – stop at the store and buy Mint Ice Cream
D – let your feelings dictate the rest of your day

I will be wide open here…  far too often C and D are my go-to’s.

Of course, neither provide a solution. In fact, both lead to more problems.

It is one of the areas of life I have been working on. I have dubbed it Feelings-Management, which carries as much importance as weight management (hello ice cream).

I’m working on both. Seems they are equally challenging.

So, what did a Jesus-loving Innkeeper do this last messy occurrence? You’ll be happy to know her steps did not take her to the ice cream store. Nor did she let it ruin the rest of her day.

She did breathe deeply, let her tears fall, and anchored her heart on this verse.

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” (Psalm 62:1-2)

How does it work?

1- God is already ahead of this situation.
2 – He is already working on it for good purposes.
3 – I can’t see beyond the bend, but He does. He leans low and lovingly whispers, “Will you trust me with this?”
4 – And I say a wobbly “Yes.”
5 – And then, this on repeat until faith grows taller.
6 – And you find soul rest.

If you’ve got something “messy” in your life that seems impossible, I’m walking it out with you. Trust makes the best walking stick. Lean in, small steps.

I’m not sure I want to say, “We’ve got this!” How about, “We’re getting this.”

Now I’m off to bake a Cream Puff Cake. Finding a bit of freedom on that hike, too.

Come, just as you are. margi

PS:  Innkeeper did end up choosing a “word” for the year ahead. Rather, the word chose her. I ordered something as a reminder. When Amazon delivers, I will share. Meanwhile, at the Inn, I got a surprise visitor. Bluebird, your short stay smiled into my day!

Forgive the angles.

8 thoughts on “beyond clutter”

  1. Loved your response, I want to print this out so I remember when more mess enters my life. Thank you, Margi! ❤️

  2. After saying “good morning” to the Lord, my first thoughts took me to remembering it is Wednesday. Karen’s Notes and Margi’s Quiet Chatter will start my day. Thanks for sharing. I am sorry for the hard situation through which you are walking. Thank you for taking us along with you. We all have lessons to learn on this part of the journey.

  3. I think the angles fit the messiness of our lives! No apologies needed. Thank you for this great reminder to breathe then lay it at the feet of Jesus.

    1. Only you would think of that, Karen – proving you have a uniquely good perspective💗 Thanks for your chatter.

  4. Oh Margi- I love your candor! I’m so with you on this. Trust IS a solution in these messy stories chocked full of grace. Can’t wait to hear your word for the year . Mine is “ Hope” – an anchor for the soul. (Heb. 6)

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