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beyond a weather report

As I was leaving Walmart in the snow, blow and 26° below, or so it felt, I said these words out loud, “Love where you are.”

It is the middle of January before we hit our first shove-able snow. My kitchen curtains have been waiting. Mr. Innkeeper has not.

I read this quote just this week on Facebook:

“If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow.” ~Mindfulfitness

Innkeeper smiles. Love where you are.

And it goes deeper than measurable snowfall. Contentment.

The 1828 Webster Dictionary defines contentment as: a resting of mind without disquiet.

Since disquiet is not a word oft spoke, I looked it up too: uneasy, anxious, restless.

Innkeeper creates her own dictionary. Contentment: my mind rests and I’m at peace.

Does it come naturally? Notta, considering that the storms of life linger much longer than the most recent snowfall.

I spied this quote from Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C.: “I want to be famous in my home.”

I like that.  Imagine if we were known for our contentment, contentment that reaches beyond the weather. 

A mind at rest does more gratitude, less grumbling. More trusting, less fretting. More cookie baking, less criticizing.

A lofty goal? We can work on it together. This proverb found in the ancient words. “A heart at peace gives life to the body.” (Proverbs 14:30)

This kind of heart is made so by the grace of God, walking alongside of  principles of truth.

A resting heart can walk through snowdrifts. If you need to pretend it is a sandy beach, Innkeeper makes allowance.

Come, just as you are. 
margi monkjo@live.com

PS: A love for snow days is a carry over from being married to a teacher. Sweetest message in bygone days on old answering machine, “Mr. Deeks, school is canceled for tomorrow.” Light the candle and turn up the music😊

How thankful I am for Mr. Innkeeper💗

6 thoughts on “beyond a weather report”

  1. Such good stuff from my dear friend. Thank you for your post today. I still miss Karen every day. Terribly miss her. And yet the Lord and I are working on my heart deepening in contentment in His precious will. Your post was a precious encouragement to me. Thank you Margi. Mike

    1. I often wonder how I will do if Chuck is gone before me. I know God is faithful, but still, so so hard. Mike, you are a living testament to walking that road. Thank you for chatting with me.

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