On Purpose


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning, (Sonnet 43)

Valentines Day is sneaking its way to the Inn. It has always been a fun day, counting ways that love shows.

So of course, Innkeeper adds some simple touches.

Then Innkeeper decided a break was long past needed. Idea forms. Gather supplies. Make a small mess. Finish and hang.

Is it the best wreath I’ve ever made? No. Did the wreath-making provide a needed pause from my heavy thinking? Yes and Yes! Then my nubby soft but chunky sweater wreath is a success.

It hangs at the entrance door to the Inn, announcing that an old sweater can get a new life. And the pink ribbon? Declares that life is amazingly sweet.

Back to Sonnet writing and counting. 36 years ago, God put hubs and me in the same boat. He has been a steady guide for our family. He is my favorite coach and carpenter. He has provided not just one beautiful home for me but two. He has made “for keeps” easy.

Be it chocolate, roses, or sonnets, share some love with someone this Valentine’s Day.

Come, just as you are.


PS: A little known detail. I was my Valentine’s first date. He was 27, me 25. The shy teacher-carpenter won my ❤️

6 thoughts on “love-ly”

  1. What a sweet valentine story, especially how the shy talented teacher-carpenter won your heart.
    You are very creative in words and making wreaths. I would never have thought of using an old sweater for a wreath.
    I guess it is time to take down my Christmas wreath. . .

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