On Purpose

good enough?

Oh baby. Well actually, oh Babycake.

Having seen a friend (Tanya) make these cute little mini cakes, I made an impulsive Amazon purchase. And then I made one more.

This cute little purple machine showed up just in time to help celebrate our grandson’s 7th birthday.

I read the simple-enough instructions and went to work on Phase I.

It was easy, considering Innkeeper is an amateur on babycaking. (One disappointing find – you can’t just use a cake box; you need to make cake from scratch, using their recipes.) So Red Velvet Cake it would be. When all the cake balls were baked and cooled, I popped them into the freezer. Easy peasy, awaiting Phase II.

The morning of Macien’s party, I assembled my workstation along with enlisting Mr. Innkeeper’s help. (In my experience, having a level-headed brain working tandem with my sometimes un-level brain has worked to my advantage.)

Step 1 – microwave the vanilla marshmallow store-bought icing in a coffee mug for let’s try 30 seconds. Perfect.

Step 2 – insert lollipop stick into the cake balls. Dip into the icing. Then sprinkle with sprinkles. So far, so good.

Step 3 – this is where the cake balls and I fell apart. My second impulsive buy was this pink holder-upper latex find, which, judging by the photo, would fit my need perfectly.

I will spare you the angst of my $11 purchase, but it was a waste of money. I later went back to my Amazon order, and had I taken time to read the description, I’d have saved $11 and avoided Phase II disaster, which might be strong a word, except it wasn’t. Even Mr. Level-head was running out of options. How to prop these cute little cakepops up.

After several tries, and with no foam in the Inn to stick the pops into, we were left with plating them.

Into cold storage they went. At party time, I artfully arranged them.

Cue the birthday tune. The cakepops were a big hit!

Is there a moral to my story? Yes: there is no pressure to perform. After all, I was making these for 9 children ages 7 and under, not for a ladies’ bridal shower🤗

Are you an over-striver? I work at perfection and never get there. So, I am in a season of learning to relax. Think my cakepops – smiling as my round balls got one-side-flattened.

But there is one area of life I do not stress over, and it is far more important than my kitchen capades. When my days of innkeeping are over, I know I have a reservation with my name on it. It’s a move up. And it’s not based on my performance.

Heaven is a very real place. So many of my family and friends are there ahead of me. Jesus, my best friend and Savior, stands with His arms open wide, accepting reservations.
(I’d love to share how, if you are uncertain, find me. #440-225-3319 or monkjo@live.com)

I’m not exactly sure if we will be dining on heavenly made cakepops, but this I do know. We will be strolling the Streets of Gold, where I imagine the Chatter will continue. How great it will be.

Come, just as you are.


PS: Cousin pileup around our birthday boy and his dad. The two babies missed the pic. We now have #7, #7, #6, #5, #4, #3, #2 #1, #0 (10 mo old Max). God’s gifts to us.

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