On Purpose

up in the air

Well, not literally. I’ve not flown off to a tropical climate with sandy beaches (only in my wishes).

This is a more grounded kind of up in the air, aptly named indecision.

On and off for years I have debated about purchasing a food processor. It’s a bit pricey, though I paid more for my Kitchen Aid and Vitamixer, with no regrets. They have performed well. 5*****

I have never owned or operated a food processor. But somehow, I caught the bug to make coleslaw, minus the grater box, that is in my kitchen just waiting to “get-cha.” This week I copied off a recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Same grater box.

So my conundrum. I recall years ago reading an article about ownership and over-stuffing a house. One point stayed with me. Every single purchase you make costs you, long after the bill is paid.

The costs can run high… in real estate – where is this getting stored? In maintenance – cleaning it. Think of a nice 50-foot boat. Do you own the boat, or does the boat own you? Each of us weighs the costs.

Off the waterfront back to my kitchen. I can’t give up any more counter space. (And I would have to do some juggling to make it fit in my cabinets.) My Kitchen Aid, Air Fryer and Keurig are the “beginning and end” of my countertop appliances.

So my Chatter Question. Do you have a food processor? If so, do you use it? Could you easily live without it?

An inquiring Innkeeper would love to know. If you would like, drop a yay or nay in the comments. A purchase is hanging in the balance🤗

We will see if slaw or chocolate zucchini bread shows up at the Inn.

Until next time. Come as you are.


PS: A sober pause as the news carries us far away from the Inn and the ordinary. We have front row seats to more greed, more evil, more suffering, more heroics, more horrific images, more sacrifice, more patriotism, more prayer, and more love. So we sit at the Inn with heavy hearts and do all we know to do, holding all the innocent people close to our hearts. Lord, have mercy🙏

6 thoughts on “up in the air”

  1. I inherited a food processor and never used it. I have a mini one I’ve had for years and use it all the time. It fits nicely in my cupboard.

  2. Margie I have a mini food processor that I use all the time for pesto and can chop onions etc. I like it and it doesn’t take up much room.

    1. Thanks Antonette for your help! I wondered about a smaller version. I appreciate your voice🤗
      Have a great day! Margi

  3. Oh Margi, Every week I say, “That was the best quiet chatter ever.” Once again, best ever! Christina does not have a food processor. I enjoyed the discussion you had with yourself about this kitchen appliance. I really, really appreciate how you concluded your post. Well worded my friend. Mike

    1. Thank you, Mike. As always your words are a gift back to me. I know we tag-team of so much in life.
      I appreciate the chatter from Christina’s kitchen. Added to my tally🤗 TY

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