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a tale of two bikes

Just about this time last year, my husband bought me a three-wheeler. Remember this bike, which I quickly named Grapesicle?

(Backstory – I love riding bikes, but after my ankle and foot bones break, I wasn’t confident of my balance on a two-wheeler.)

The Grapesicle and I immediately shared a friendship. We took off flying through all our little streets, waving at people in our neighborhood I hadn’t met yet. It was love at first sight. Oh, the many happy summer hours of riding.

And then Innkeeper woke up from her very pleasant dream.

Sadly, the tale hit a first bump in the road when Mr. Innkeeper took it for a spin. Then his words, “It’s going to take some getting used to.” Might be the understatement in my year.

Ever the optimist, I thought how hard can this be?

I jumped on and headed for my first spin. I could not have been more wrong! I barely made it around one loop. Deflated, I had to admit #1, I wasn’t in any kind of physical shape to handle this heavy of a bike, and #2, this bike did not offer the security from falling I was looking for.

Grapesicle and I sadly parted friendship. The bike is stored in our son’s basement.

In January, I had another dream. This time, on my old Walmart $89 bike, which I have not named.

I’m working on getting back in some sort of shape in high hopes that maybe the balance won’t scare me. I am determined. Ever the optimist.

Come summertime, if you spot an Innkeeper flying through the streets, wave. I’ll wave back 🤗

Come, just as you are.


PS: Kitchen appliance update. The tally on a food processor was close. Thanks to my very kind neighbor (Sam💗), I have one sitting on my counter to try. The investigation lives on. I hope to report yay or nay soon.

4 thoughts on “a tale of two bikes”

  1. A recumbent bike would be perfect for you. We rode them in Florida and I loved it! Unfortunately they are quite pricey.

  2. That bike is awesome. Sorry has has not worked out for you. I am sure your hard work will pay off. I will wave as you go flying past .

    1. Thank you for your optimism, Norma💗 Time will tell! I can always wave as I walk. Beautiful couple of days, right?!

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