On Purpose

worth the cost?

Last week I shared that I have “stalled out” these past few weeks, finding myself in a fog, or a slog.

It was why I opened the pages of my latest Amazon purchase: “Mastering Life before It’s Too Late” by Robert Morgan.

The author’s premise is stated right off the gate. “The Bible is the best self-improvement course ever devised. Our days are not accidental or incidental.”

The author uses language that inspires life at the Inn: “There’s a special blueprint for your life… What we need is spirited energy, courtesy, character and a well-regulated life.”

Yes, please. A “well-regulated life” kept me reading. Capture each day. Be pleasantly productive. Awaken each morning with a zeal to tackle both the big and little assignments God has given in your day.

As the Innkeeper turned the pages, the once-stalled heart began to beat a fresh rhythm.

I really didn’t plan to make this post a book review. But I’m a reader, and I like to call myself a thinker. In the pages I’ve found just what the author promised: “By following ten biblical patterns, you can gain control of yourself, take charge of each day and finish your life’s work well.”

I’m to Strategy #8. Next heading: “The Executive Joy of Pleasantly Productive Leadership.”

Last quote: “Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity.” ~ Joseph Addison

Innkeeper is a wee bit more cheerful. Certainly, more resolute. There is a “one thing” I’m chasing after, “Well done, my faithful Innkeeper.” ~ God

While I can’t brag yet on spirited energy, I’m believing it is possible, just as soon as I stop overeating my Blueberry Zucchini Bread. This week I’m trading out the Blueberry Bread for a new-to-me food – Steel Cut Oats. What trades do you make and find helpful to keep your energy up?

My plan: 1/4 cup oats with 7 frozen blueberries at 10 am. Will keep you posted if anything remotely close to spirited energy follows☺️

Always come, just as you are.


PS: While writing we got what we hope is the last of our snow. This little junco kept me company. I imagine his little chorus, “Be cheery until you feel cheery.” 🎶

There is something to be said of pursuing a life devoted to “one thing.”

2 thoughts on “worth the cost?”

  1. My new breakfast a few times a week: steel oats with cup of mixed berries. Great read. Onward we trudge by His grace

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