On Purpose

what can $2 buy you?

As it turns out, a finished bedroom.

Once upon last Friday, some friends and I skipped over in our neighborhood to an estate sale. Amongst all the clutter (and junk), I spotted a little chippy shelf.

From the crowded basement, the little humble shelf whispered she needed a new home. And I listened. $2 said the blue tape and cash lady. We made our way back to Wander Inn and a blank wall.

Hubs, who is plenty used to my ideas, grabbed his cordless drill and level.

The bare wall is exceedingly happy. The sweet shelf sighs in contentment. *Note – I’m no photographer. I tried to capture the sizing of the shelf to the wall space. You will have to trust me that it is an optical hardship. It really does fit the space just right. You are welcome to wander in and check out the wall and see for yourself🤗

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”
~ Louisa May Alcott

Sometimes when you least expect it, inspiration comes. Might just be hidden under a lot of clutter and a whole lot of dust. 

A noble yearning. Cultivate a quiet life, the kind that prefers simplicity and kindness, smallness and integrity. Pursue Jesus. Delight in His friendship. Welcome others.

Do you have a small spark? A one small moment that can begin a transformation? A small movement that can push you through a different door? You know I’d love to hear about it.

Small can be significant. At Wander Inn, I’m fluffing and folding, tending to a rhythm of habit that fortifies.

I read Psalm 25 this morning —Show me the right path, O Lord, point out the road for me to follow, lead me by your truth and teach me— these words are my prayer. A prayer that keeps and holds my heart that so easily strays. 

Once upon a time… a tiny choice reflected grand ambition.

Living big in our small Inn,

PS: Nothing small about it, we are truly.

6 thoughts on “what can $2 buy you?”

  1. So good to hear from you! So sorry we have not connected. Here I it is Fall already! Love the shelve. Just perfect! Thanks for the Bible verse. He does show us the right path. We just have to stay on it! God is good and adjusts our footsteps when we stray!

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