About Me

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If you’re new to this blog (or me), you are invited to my table! Let’s get acquainted. Coffee or tea?

I am:
– From Ohio
– Wife to a wonderful guy named Chuck
– Mom to three adult children and spouses
– Gigi to nine grands

Why the blog name, Quiet Chatter?
– The two words fit me.
– Quiet. My soul yearns for stillness in our noisy world. I find it wherever I can.
– Chatter. I love connecting with people.

What’s in my blog?
– First things first. The most important connection I have is with Jesus. The brightest part in my day is sharing His love with family, friends and new friends.
– Hospitality fuels my creativity. I perk up to makeovers, makeunders, repurposing, decorating and tablescapes.
– I love organizing and streamlining tasks.
– I love too much on sugar and carbs. Could there possibly be a more boring, overdone subject to write about? Yet, this struggle is very real in my life and is reflected in my writing.

Words that speak to me:
– linger
– meadow
– simplify
– tarry
– be my guest
– beckon
– chocolate

Is there one word that sums up my day-to-day?
Intentional. Though so often I do not get it right, it is my heart’s desire to live intently.

– Intently- love God
– Intently- cherish my family
– Intently- use our home & gifts to bless others
– Intently- share Jesus
– Intently- move more and eat well

I hope you share my love affair for a “little bit of quiet” mixed with “come on in.”

Either way, I’m glad you came! A fresh pot of coffee is coming up.


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Margi…I love the sound of your blog and all the things that are important to you. Glad to be your friend.

    1. Thank you, Pat. I love finding new friends!! Isn’t it wonderful how God connects people? Happy to hear from you!

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