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inn play

“Now the maiden lived all alone in the cottage. She kept herself busy by spinning, weaving and sewing and bringing cow parsley from the meadow.” ~ Grimm’s Fairy Tales

What do you do to inject some sunshine into your day? Assuming you’re not gathering cow parsley, I’ll make a guess that it has something to do with creating – be it music, gardening, baking, painting, building, crafting, etc.

So in need of a “flip the script” in my mind, I created. It is my favorite kind of creating. Easy, quick and inexpensive.

My creation only required 3 items. White beans (Walmart), straight vase and a candle.

Not wanting to waste my second bag of beans, I shopped my pantry for a smaller vase and candle, albeit the second candle scent reminds me of Balsam Christmas 😉

What to do with those last few beans in the bottom of the bag? I decided on one last little creation. Turned out to be my favorite.

With that, Innkeeper kept herself busy imagining all kinds of uses with that mini-bean jar. Anyone ever dye white beans🤗

I got my $1.29 x 2 worth.

Create: (6) to form anew, to change the state or character, to renew. -~ Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

Ever wonder why we enjoy creating so much? Why it gives us joy to work with our hands?

“In the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1

It makes sense. All the way back to the beginning. God is Creator and we are made in His image. He designed us and by the way, we are of great worth to Him.

“We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus…” Ephesians 2:10

A simple beautiful truth. You are God’s masterpiece. And because we celebrate on Easter the empty tomb, Jesus lives.

Creating. Celebrating this season.

Come, just as you are.


PS: Whatever is Cow’s Parsley? In case you wondered, it is Queen Anne’s Lace, which I assume is Cow’s dessert.

8 thoughts on “inn play”

  1. Margi- I am in the charge of the Hobbies Domain at my church. That his the verse which is on all my communications. God gives us the beauty of creation everyday! Happy Easter!

    1. How great a story to go along with the verse! I am not at all surprised you are in charge of creating💗 Happy Easter! My favorite of all holidays.

  2. I ❤️ this post! Hmm. What can I create today besides havoc! LOL I think it’s time for some button art. Have a great day, and give my hugs and love to your mom. She was a great influence on me!

    1. It’s a good day for Button Art! I will share your message with mom. So sweet, Karen. It will make her feel extra loved💗 Thank you!

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