On Purpose

oats, beans and barley

What was singing in my head was not what I found. Gotta love Dear Google.

I remember an old song having to do with oats. After some fun research I found it. Maybe it will be familiar to some of you?

It is a folk song that traveled from Britain to America. The words go back to 1898 but the tune hails a long ways back to 1650. It is an action song that tells a story and is meant to be performed by children.

Oats, beans and barley grow. Oats, beans and barley grow. Can you, I or anyone know How oats, and beans and barley grow?

There is a progression through the song, and on this post. Wink, wink.

The farmer sows the seeds. The farmer waters the seeds. The farmer hoes the weeds. The farmer harvests the seeds.

It’s a lot of work for that farmer just so I can open the round Quaker box and enjoy my Steel Cut Oats. With 7 frozen blueberries. It’s a keeper for my “spirited energy” pursuit. Thank you Farmer Ben for the oats and a big thank you to daughter Danae for the recipe.

While I’m still humming about oats, here is what I’ve been making on repeat- one of mom’s favorites. Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. (I switched from raisins and she nary looked back!)

These inexpensive baking mats make kitchen life just that much breezier. I was very late to this party. Thanks to Kristin, my daughter-in-law-so-loved, I nary looked back to my old ways. Easy clean and easy store! However did I manage☺️

Just as Farmer Ben found it to be true, there are rhythms to our lives that run on routines. And routines are good for the soul.

Routines require rigorous discipline from within. Right about here is where Innkeeper squeaks out HELP!

Shakespeare in Hamlet said, “Assume a virtue if you have it not.”

Problem is, I’m not very good at pretending. There is better counsel to be mined from the Ancient Words that I love so much.

“God has spoken with clarity through the Written Word, the Bible. The practice of tying our spiritual disciplines back to the Truth of Scripture is what grounds us.” ~ Eugene Peterson, Author

Searching the Scriptures in the early morning has been part of my well-loved routine since my school days. Now I’ve added Steel Cut Oats.

Hopefully not accompanied by Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies.

Farmer Ben and I are happy for your company. ~ You all are the best💗

Always come, just as you are.


PS: Out the door for Monday morning spring walk. The birds were twittering. The sky was beautiful. I enjoyed a conversation with God. And hoping it was the last day for scarf-wrapping. 32°

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