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surrounded by the beauty of the changing seasons


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It was back in early spring that I sensed the Lord telling me to be still, go deeper, keep company with Him more than company with written words in the social media screens.

It was just a couple of months later that it became abundantly clear why God had led me to that season of quiet.

I like what the well loved old-time preacher Charles Spurgeon had to say:

“Care more for a grain of faith than a ton of excitement.”

Since I’ve chirped with you last, I have had both.


Most of you know, Chuck and I became Papa and Gigi to our first grandbaby in July. Meet Sidney Elizabeth Kudlo. Our little-est OSU fan. She has stolen our hearts!


We also gained a beautiful and sweet new daughter (in-law), Kristin. She and son Bret married in August.  We fell for Kristin as fast as Bret did! We could not love her more.


grain of faith

Sometimes life serves up worse than we thought.

Sometimes all you have is all you need- unwavering trust that God knows best.

Sometimes our darkest hour might very well be our finest hour.

So we walk out faith.
With a smile.
For all the good and fun.
For all the good and hard.


How about you? What beauty surrounds you?

I’ve missed writing to you.

I sense Jesus saying, “Trust the path.”

“I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.”

Psalm 119:32

My heart chirps again.  Glad to be back.


PS: Go Cavs!

Always happy to chat.  monkjo@live.com

2 thoughts on “surrounded by the beauty of the changing seasons”

  1. Hi Margi, Karen and I left BCP after the Hebron Seniors Bible study and turned left on Durkee taking us down to Grafton. As we drove along, we spoke of you and said to each other, “We miss Margi’s writing. Hope she resumes sometime soon.” How was that for timing? WE always enjoy what you have to say Margi. Your writing is a great blessing to us and so encouraging. Mike

    1. Just seeing your comment, Mike. Somehow it slipped by me. Ever learning the technical side to blogging. Thank you both for your encouragement! Love to Karen for me. I hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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