On Purpose


I’ve got two major brain drains. (Otherwise known as deferring action.)

One- my bedroom needs serious deep cleaning.
Two- my exercise regiment is non-existent.

Before the two wonderful holidays are upon us, I need to scale these two mountains.

I found some inspiration from up in the clouds.

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it." ~Amelia Earhart
“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~Amelia Earhart

If Amelia can solo soar the Atlantic . . .

Me? Assign bedroom to half-day jobs:

  • windows, shades, curtains
  • shower, new curtain, toilet
  • two vanities inside and out
  • dustcob, wipe walls
  • linen closet
  • office closet
  • walk-in closet
  • floors



I’m visualizing my success. The way I see it, if I clean in my tennies . . .


photo (32)


Next I may be running a half marathon.

Any mountains need scaling in your life?

just do it!
margi, bitten lately by the procrastination bug


P.S.  monkjo@live.com  I’ll cheer you on!

3 thoughts on “strategizing”

  1. Poco a poco . . . little by little, can make a BIG difference in so many things. It was great to see you and Chuck recently. Please do come see us in SC!

    1. Thanks Pat! I wish I could work full long days on projects like I used to. My migraine nerve issue is my good excuse! Have a great day, Pat, whatever project you’re working on! Love to you.

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