On Purpose

a walk to remember

There were days that the view was clear and seemingly endless.

photo (45)

And then one afternoon the fog rolled in.  We took a walk to experience the change.

I told Chuck, “It reminds me of faith. You can only see enough to take the next step forward.”

Off in the distance lies the unknown. The uncertainty. It looks scary. Daunting.

I looked down on our walk and picked up a few reminders.

photo (47)

Because I need to be reminded about my own “faith walk.” And the certainty that in the dense fog I can trust my Jesus.

Kara. Amy. Karen. Vicki. Katy. Doris. David. Greg. Issa. Yvonne. Samantha.

When doctors don’t deliver what we want to hear.

You were on my heart and part of my prayers, in Kitty Hawk, NC.


Another route we strolled.

photo (43)

photo (44)

Girl babies don’t trump boy babies. While on vacation with Sidney, Ebony sent me this photo of Macien.

photo (46)

I love these two!



Choosing to rest in the murky waters. Jesus holds. Just one step.

“These things I remember, as I pour out my soul.”  ~Psalm 42

Faith that sustains in the hardest of hard. In the most trying places.

Sometimes the burdens are too big to bear alone.

Finding joy. Peace.

Walking amongst seashells.



5 thoughts on “a walk to remember”

  1. Hi, dear Margi! What a powerful message this “walk to remember” gives! Thanks for sharing. No question: The Lord has given you a gift for communicating. I especially enjoy the way you weave words and pictures. . .it certainly adds to the power of the message! (We love the Outer Banks, too. . .)

  2. Margi- Absolutely love your heart for God, for family and for His creation. He has given you a great gift of communicating the beauty of the kingdom. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, John, for your words of encouragement. Speaking of communicating, Chuck and I are so glad God brought you into our lives.
      Your honest leadership has impacted us! To God be all the glory.

  3. Beautiful thoughts. Just the way you put words together allows us to “see” and know what you are feeling. Thanks for the waves w/sound! You are truly blessed with these two wonderful “gifts”

    1. Thank you Pat. It truly was a wonderful vacation. Our first time to the Outer Banks. Incredibly beautiful. I’m with you. Love not only the sights but the sound of the waves.

      Thank you for your always kind words! You encourage me:)
      Love you!

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