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on babies and pages

With fond memories from the Sunshine state, where we had our first “snow bird” vacation. Two weeks to enjoy the Palm trees and ocean!
palm trees me

We made it home just in time to meet our first grandson, Macien (pronounced Mason). He surprised all of us coming five weeks early, weighing in at 5.4 lbs. God’s grace is written all over this sweet little Bundle of Blessing. We are in love with Macien, as are Brian and Ebony.

macien birth
I brought a few things home from Florida.

I ate and over-ate (not proud of) too many goodies while on vacation. I haven’t the heart to see how much weight I gained in the 15 days away. Feels like 200 pounds.

The FL grapefruits and oranges were delicious and I came home with fresh ambition to kick it in gear.

“Pounds pounds go away, please don’t come back any other day.” She said with a sigh holding a grapefruit spoon.

I’m glad to soon turn the calendar page to March.

There is another page I’m even happier I can turn.

trust bible

Trusting. Finding Jesus in the midst of the hard. Opening up the promises of Scripture when the floor plan of life shifts.

“The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”  Psalm 27:1

Our days are lit by God’s wisdom.

And suddenly hope fills the atmosphere of my heart.


I’m glad to be back home.  Here is reason #2.
Once upon a time . . . Gigi turns another page.
Any new chapters in your life?

6 thoughts on “on babies and pages”

  1. Yes! Connie & Jay’s little one now turned 5 mos. Feb.24. He’s a sweetie like the other five grands! Congratulations to you and Chuck! Beautiful pictures.

    1. You’re ahead of me in baby blessings, Carol! Just absolutely one of life’s greatest joys:-) Enjoy each one!
      Love, Margi

  2. Ron Wallace
    27 mins ·

    “The music of strings makes you glad.” Psalm 45:8.
    In life we are stretched from time to time. Recognize each day you are God’s instrument of praise. When you are stretched, think of it as a fine tuning process. He knows the perfect sound for each of His instruments.
    You will be continuously tuned until your life brings forth the perfect sound. Be mindful you were made to be played. Be aware you will be continuously tuned. And be grateful that He wants to bring forth the most beautiful music from your life.
    excerpt from Encouraging Words at http://www.ronwallaceministries.com

  3. Dearest Margi,  Thank you for your latest blog. You have and are going through difficult days but I am praising the Lord for how you are trusting God to work out all things. Macien is such a precious little bundle and from what I can see of him, he looks like Brian.  Sidney is such a happy and smiley baby and makes me smile when I see her pictures.  Love you, Auntie Marion Marion Carpenter

    1. Thank you, Auntie Marion, for following along with encouragement. I’m reminded how the words we use can be gifts to the heart of others. Thank you for “gifting” my heart today!

      Our hearts are full of gratitude of what God is doing now and going to do!

      Love you! Margi

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