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gaining momentum

“Micromanagement is the destroyer of momentum.”    -Miles Smith   

Micromanage. Usually a term used in the business world which carries a negative connotation.

It’s a problem in the workplace and I’m wondering if the same could be said of micromanaging our personal lives?

Any areas come to mind?

Phones and computers. A bazillion tasks. Photos, files, contacts, calendars, emails, notes.

Finances, office work, paperwork.

Health. Tracking nutrition/diet, supplements, fit bits.

You get the picture! Not that any of those are bad, in fact, some of them are necessary. But oh, can I get carried away, especially in this season of sorting through 34 years of living in our house.

Off in the distance I hear a faint voice. An elderly voice. A voice of conviction.

(I’m not going to change her name because I believe she would be honored to know I passed along her sage wisdom.)

Me, a new mom.

Mrs. Olsen, “Spend your life, Margi, on what is important. I wasted too much time washing walls and turning mattresses.”

I never forgot that conversation. Or her precious life and well-worn Bible.

I can spend truckloads of time being compulsive. Time wasting, really. I can care too much for the minutiae that in the long run matters little.

A life that counts. I think it’s what we all want.

And less wall washing. Unless of course you are staging your house to sell.

I’m picking up momentum.

‘Til next chatter,  Margi                                             monkjo@live.com

11 thoughts on “gaining momentum”

  1. I heard similar advice when I was a young mom. That’s one advice i tried to keep and the only regret is that i did not always keep it. I’ve passed it on. Thanks Margi for your thoughts

    1. Thanks for chattering, college friend. We’ve shared many a conversation around the topic! I appreciate your input.

  2. I enjoyed your blog this morning. I too remember many conversations with Mrs. Olson at her kitchen table with her Bible in plain sight. I have two ready hands to help as you put into boxes the things going to your new home. Keep your eyes on the final goal and enjoy sorting through the memories as you downsize.

    1. Thanks Brenda. Mrs. Olsen was a dear lady!
      Thanks for your offer of help. I have a lot more respect for all those who have gone through the moving experience. Not for the fainthearted!
      I appreciate your encouragement! Thanks for chattering with me:)

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