On Purpose

march-ing time

Another five days, and we will turn the calendar to ending-our-winter month. I can not wait to open our windows to a warm breeze, to walk outdoors minus the winter garb, and to trade out boots for sandals.

Meanwhile, inspiration arrives via my Greek yogurt.

Good words for one who is working on patience these last winter weeks.

Innkeeper cooks. On my Spinach Salad recipe it is marked “Aunt Vi.” Making this Deeks’ family recipe reminds me while I “patient” my way to window-openings, stay present. Time already goes too fast. Chuck’s high-energy aunt has been gone a long time.

Innkeeper marches out of winter with yogurt, spinach and this question:

What are three actions you can take today to make it a success?

#1 send out two cards, #2 finish writing ch 5 of Bible study, #3 walk between raindrops.

Seizing the day with this colorful low- cal low-carb break.

Press on, my winter friends. What three actions can you take?

Come, just as you are.


PS: Next week, Innkeeper plans to ask your opinion on a kitchen “gadget.” Today, let the colors bring you a smile☺️

4 thoughts on “march-ing time”

    1. Good for you! Happy to hear you working on it too💗
      My times of walking are sporadic, at best, in my mom-care shifts. But I would love to walk with you!

  1. As always, the quiet chatter is excellent. Not so sure about the toast, but I am with you on everything else. I, too, can’t wait for warmer weather. Patient I too must be. Thanks for the great reminders. Mike 

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